Are you required to have motorcycle insurance coverage in Florida?

Here’s something that may amaze you: If you live in Florida and you drive a motorcycle, you may do so without the necessity to buy a motorcycle insurance. Florida Motorcycle laws are different from the requirements in other states. Whilst car drivers, or drivers of vehicles with four or more wheels are required by law to hold personal injury protection (PIP) as part of the Florida no fault insurance stipulation, Florida Motorcycle Insurance demands according to the monetary answer-ability of the rider against liability. Puts simply, Florida law doesn’t obligate its motorcycle riders to possess insurance. However if they don’t have insurance coverage, they will likely be held financially liable in cases of harm created right after a personal injury. This “loophole” places riders in jeopardy in cases of serious accidents.

Therefore, whilst not compulsory, it is highly encouraged that motorcycle riders and drivers be insured and therefore carry a Florida Motorcycle Insurance.

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